A Day in Seoul

After leaving Gangneung for the Olympics, we decided to spend a night in Seoul. Our train arrived in the early afternoon and we walked to our hotel, which overlooked the mountain/hill near Seoul Tower. I was exhausted, but knew of one place I felt like I needed to visit.


Last year, I read an article about this café that had a barista who was an artist. He created special CreamArt on the lattes. I followed him on Instagram after reading the article and became a fan. When we discussed staying in Seoul for a day, I started researching about how I could get my own CreamArt to enjoy. I looked up the address for the C.Through Café and knew we had to go. So, though I felt bad and a cold coming on, we hailed a taxi and had him drive us to the café’s neighborhood.


So one thing I learned about Seoul, is that the streets might be the same name but differ by one or two numbers. It was confusing, but after taking us the long way round, I spotted the exterior of C.Through Café. I took a deep breath, and we entered. There he was, the barista I had admired for the past year, looking just as handsome in person. We ordered our CreamArt. I asked if I could take pictures while he created his works of art and he said it was fine. I was in love as I watched him patiently (and surprisingly quickly) paint his masterpieces of cream on the lattes. Once we got our art, it was difficult to drink since we hated to destroy such amazing work. But we quickly got over that and drank up.

As we began to stroll back to the main road, we spotted an advertisement for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. It was an opportunity we could not pass up. We ordered one to split. And might I add, we were not disappointed when we pulled our halves apart and saw the strings of gooey cheese dangle between us.

Before heading back to the hotel, we stopped off at a market so I could stock up on GongYoo socks and Kim Woobin folders/cards. Unfortunately at this point, I was feeling pretty under the weather so I was not able to hit the town like I had originally hoped. I had plans. I was going to find Kim WooBin or another acceptable Korean artist. Oh well, maybe next time.


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